Below is a totally free sampling simply the end for the iceberg as they say of everything you can be prepared to find within the Amazon form of Six Shooter Sally’s Biker Etiquette which include the Six Shooter Sally’s Outlaw Biker Dictionary.

Six Shooter Sally’s Dont’s & Do’s

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The version that is complete available these days on Amazon. I desired to thank all of you that have checked out this site in the last years that are few your help as well as for distributing your message. Aspire to meet you on the highway some soon day. L & R SSS


Six Shooter Sallys Donts and Do List, Mostly Donts record just keeps getting longer lately I been expected a questions that are few really blew me personally away. Because they come i shall include them into the list. If you’re prepared to be startled scroll down.

1.) Never touch, rub or pat a members cutoff (colors). They cannot enjoy it! Ig

2.) A.) Try not to drop names of other people you know that you think?

B.) You best friends or confidants and it especially doesn’t make you “Brothers” because you met a patch holder once dose not make.

3.) You have ever seen in your life parked outside of any establishment, do not, I repeat do not sit on it if you should see the most beautiful motorcycle.

4.) Do perhaps not deal with a spot holder as Bro or that isBrother you might be a user.

5.) Never ever inform a known user that his Brother So-N-so is an asshole!

6.) Do perhaps perhaps perhaps not deal with any user by telling him that their Lady that isOld smoking hot!

7.) usually do not insult the club verbally or else (hand gestures count),

8.) Do perhaps not ask any club users Lady to dancing.

9.) Shock! Not all the club users are medication dealers! alert see rule no. 9)

10.) A joy trip on a club bike aside from your explanation, whom you understand, why you had been dared etc.

11.) Whenever riding away in the road that is open and Ill repeat myself Never, pull in to a club pack just like you belonged here.

12.) never ever and I also repeat never ever interrupt two spot holders when they’re engrossed in a discussion.

13.) continually be and act respectful. That is an absolute DO. No matter where you may roam by following this very simple rule, you will never have a problem with any patch escort backpage College Station holder.

14.)Parking do’s and don’ts

(A) keep in mind it is usually vital that you be courteous whenever parking your bicycle; so attention that is pay.

(B) The maximum term in parking is directly, maybe perhaps perhaps not laterally, right!

(C) Corral parking; at occasions this roped down area is reserved for particular teams essentially VIP parking.

15 girls being.) Girls, Girls –

16.) Accidents; They happen plus some times they happen to club people.

17.) women Do’s and Dont’s – behave like a woman and also you will be addressed like one.

18.) never ever and I also repeat never ever ask a three piece area holder simply how much it costs to get a spot!

19.) we have expected lot in regards to the term biker bitch. Here is the do or do not on that.

20.) I assume the necessity for this become spelled down had been simply a matter of time. Yes you can begin your motorcycle that is own club.

21.) Biker Attire – we have asked lot concerning the rules of dressing as a biker; outlaw or elsewhere.

22.) Impostors or posers beware. We have all learned about guys that get caught impersonating medical practioners or also pilots. Well contrary to popular belief there are many guys that are foolish here that like to play decorate and imagine these are typically outlaw bikers. Will you be joking me personally?

23.) I happened to be recently expected why bikers have set therefore effortlessly the relevant concern albeit comical is simple actually.

24.) I happened to be recently asked what are the results at an outlaw biker club conference. Really your actually asking that!

25.) Issue’s i have already been expected about lately be seemingly on a complete large amount of individuals minds. Why? We have no idea why it might make a difference to civilians but right right here goes. The absolute most question that is popular previous couple weeks is exactly what does the “crossed hammer or crossed ball peen hammer pins” suggest for an outlaw biker cutoff? Followed by where may I get one? Followed closely by just how much does it price?