This youtube video explains and shows what mower deck spindles look like and why they’re needed. Thanks to its dual pedal function, the wheels of the hydrostatic mower is driven by fluid pressure. It also allows switching easily between the forward mode and the reverse mode.

rear motor lawn mowers

Finally, measure the total area you plan to mow, and use an angle gauge to measure the slope angle of your steepest hills. Those measurements will determine the style and size of machine you can buy and help you decide which is the best riding lawn mower for you. Two mowers that look alike can have very different price tags. The model on the left, for example, costs $2,300 more than the one on the right.

What Other Features Matter When It Comes To Lawn Mowers?

You’re a power user moving through this website with super-human speed. The market for power tools to use in your yard is very, very vast. There are cordless, gas-powered, and manual units to meet the needs of any homeowner. The rear motor lawn mowers Troy-Bilt Pony 42X is a well-rounded workhorse with a modest price tag. It navigates challenging terrain with ease and delivers a consistent, efficient cut time after time, making it one of the best buys on the market today.

You operate the machine using two joysticks to turn and control ground speed. There’s a slight learning curve to get the feel of the joysticks. But once you get the hang of it, you can mow at a top speed of 7 mph. One manufacturer, Cub Cadet, has eliminated the joystick approach and gone to a traditional steering wheel and gas pedal arrangement.

Husqvarna Z254 54 In 26 Hp Kohler Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower

Husqvarna is known for making heavy-duty machines that get the job done. This mower has the engine in the rear, and you steer it with levers rather than a wheel. The seat is comfortable, and the three-gallon fuel tank means we didn’t have to fill it up as often. The 12-gauge welded steel frame and thick-walled front rear motor lawn mowers axle provide a more even surface cut even when mowing over uneven terrain and tough landscapes. The cutting deck is strong, durable, and a decent size for maneuvering in and out of those tight-spaced areas in your yard. The deck floats with 2 anti-scalp wheels to prevent scalping over any high spots during mowing.

The Ryobi, on the other hand, is lightweight and newly designed from the ground up as an electric mower. It also cuts well and I recommend it to people who mow about one acre weekly. Just use the links in the article to buy it from Home Depot. I saw your comments on the Husqvarna lawn tractor that looks like a garden tractor with the big wheels where you discussed the differences in axle size etc between lawn and garden tractors. So I gather the CC frame and axle are lawn tractor spec, but without the weak link of a low-end hydro transmission one might be able to push that tractor a bit harder. Hi Gordon, The Cub Cadet Tractor is listed as a lawn tractor so it’s made to mow your lawn and pull a small yard cart around your property.

Mower Deck

If on the outside, the depleted batteries can be quickly swapped with recharged batteries. The eventual disposal of worn-out batteries is problematic , and the motors in some cordless mowers tend to be less powerful than gasoline motors of the same total weight . There is the additional hazard with these machines of accidentally mowing over the power cable, which stops the mower and may put users at risk of receiving a dangerous electric shock. Installing a residual-current device on the outlet may reduce the shock risk. Typically, the cutting reels are ahead of the vehicle’s main wheels, so that the grass can be cut before the wheels push the grass over onto the ground.

  • One type of reel mower, now largely obsolete, was a powered version of the traditional side-wheel push mower, which was used on residential lawns.
  • Robotic lawn mowers are increasingly sophisticated, are usually self-docking and contain rain sensors, nearly eliminating human interaction for mowing grass.
  • Use this review of features and prices to decide which is the best riding lawn mower for you.
  • The fast cleaning process is handled by a Hi-Vac deck that acts as a high powered vacuum cleaner.
  • The cutting deck size is measured in inches and can range anywhere from 28 inches to 52 inches on a riding lawn mower.

The sloping nose lets you reach under low bushes more easily, and cuttings can be bagged at the rear, discharged to the side, or mulched. The EGO folds easily for compact storage, and has a five-year warranty (three-year battery warranty). As a simple rule of thumb, you should get a walk-behind mower if you have less than ½ an acre.

They get their name from the two steering levers, which control the rear wheels. This design allows the driver to make tight turns, making them ideal for maneuvering around trees and other obstacles. They rear motor lawn mowers also offer higher top speeds than lawn tractors or rear-engine mowers. Front engine riding mowers cost more than rear engine riders, mainly because of their larger components and more powerful engines.

rear motor lawn mowers

They’re great for cutting large lawns and for light-duty gardening jobs. cutting deck, while the more expensive versions can cut up to 54 in. Most are powerful enough to run an optional grass collection system or tow a garden cart loaded with supplies.

Our Top Choice Of Best Riding Mower For Small Yards For 2019

The cutting deck has 4 anti-scalp wheels, to prevent scalping, as well as Air Induction Mowing Technology for superior cutting and more even ejection of clippings. This mower also comes with ConsistentCut technology which allows you to mow straight through tall and wet grass easily. It also has a best-in-class 18″ turning radius for mowing in and out of difficult spots. And, the Jack’s Advantage means you get Free Freight Shipping and Free Technical Support for the life of your new riding lawn mower. When purchasing a riding lawn mower, you can buy it in-store or online.

Author: Kay Burton