Golfer Loses US Recreational Match After Caddie Tests Bunker

Segundo Oliva Pinto destroyed their final 16 match after their caddie tested the sand

Golfer Loses US Recreational Match After Caddie Tests Bunker

A rules that are bizarre were held through the United States Amateur Championship at Bandon Dunes, seeing a new player shed his match because of a caddie mistake.

Segundo Oliva Pinto was at a greenside bunker on the eighteenth opening inside the match against Tyler Strafaci whenever their caddie experienced the bunker.

Their case guy, a regional bandon dunes caddie Brant Brewer, crouched down when you look at the bunker and appeared to be he touched the sand.

Strafaci’s daddy saw the event and called in a guidelines official, and then he was presented with the match and hole because of Oliva Pinto losing the opening due to the guidelines violation.

Watch the incident below:

All of it arrived right down to the hole that is 18th.

After which this took place.

The results? A 1 up win for Tyler Strafaci. #USAmateur

Rule 12.2b states that a golfer or caddie should never deliberately touch sand within the bunker by having a hand, club, rake or any other item to check the health of the sand to understand information for the following stroke.’

If rule 12 is breached, the player gets the typical Penalty, which will be two strokes in strokeplay or loss in opening in matchplay.

“As quickly when I return here, the referee pops up and asks my caddie just exactly what took place, and I’m completely shocked,” Oliva Pinto stated following the match.

“I’m simply looking to get this shot near and try to make an up-and-down and win the match. He touched the something or sand, and that is a penalty.

Even with a Rules breach by their caddie that cost him the hole that is 18th their Round-of-16 match, Segundo Oliva Pinto showed great course and sportsmanship. #USAmateur

Their caddie could possibly be heard stating that he didn’t touch the sand.

“I became reading my putt and saw him duck down. I did son’t see him touch the sand, on it, but my dad saw it and he’s going to fight to the death for me,” said Tyler Strafaci so I didn’t think I was right to make a decision.

“It sucks because it absolutely was a phenomenal match. so it came down seriously to that”

Strafaci improvements to your quarter last to relax and play against Stewart Hagestad, who had been the low amateur at the 2017 Masters.

Social networking reacted into the event:

Oliva Pinto’s caddy can be desperate for a cycle within the not too distant future. Actually bad appearance with that denial. Feel horrible for their player, whom managed the penalty with large amount of course. #USAmateur

Caddie simply are priced at their golfer a match on 18 in #USAmateur. Never ever seen that before.

What the deuce is the fact that caddie doing? I simply don’t obtain it #USAmateur

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