It is a performance test associated with the Schiit Saga pre-amplifier using two various pipes.

The system and additional pipes are on loan from type user. Look at report on Schiit Saga in synchronous thread.<

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The stock tube is a Russian made clone of 6NS7 which goes by label of 68HC as i mentioned in the review of saga. The additional pipe supplied is from Raytheon and ended up being produced in United States Of America. You can view them side-by-side here:

The 68HC is in the left while the Raytheon 6SN7 is in the right.

The pins on some oxidation was had by the 68HC on them. In comparison the pins regarding the Raytheon 6SN7 were pretty clean.

I didn’t duplicate the dimensions of 68HC. I simply went a number of the tests on 6SN7. Generally there be some variation in performance regarding the product general but ideally this is certainly lost within the sound, pun intended.

Let us go into measurements and find out if our western, genuine 6SN7 delivers on its vow.

Measurements much like the review, we began my screening by calculating warm-up performance security:

The utmost effective two lines come from Raytheon 6SN plus the bottom two with 68HC. We come across that the Raytheon pipe really has greater distortion! We will quantify that soon.

In the side that is positive is apparently more stable with less deviation into the graph. Not too this matters much given the variations that are tiny macro degree.

Through the dimension we recognized my light that is LED was. It had been in regards to a base over the Schiit Saga. I switch it off during dimensions but haven’t noticed it making a positive change prior to. right Here it did, causing one channel to have a little even even even worse however the other a bit better! Once again, they are very small variants of no effect but shows exactly how good our instrumentation is, as well as the known proven fact that some interference is stepping into the system, maybe coupling into the pipe itself.

Before getting in to the dashboard, here’s how the stock 68HC did:

SINAD (signal over noise and distortion) is mostly about 97.5 dB. This is how the Raytheon pipe did:

We destroyed nearly 4 dB in a single channel, and 2 dB when you look at the other. It is noticeable within the 2nd harmonic which peaks greater utilizing the Raytheon 6SN7.

Conclusions they state do not judge guide by its cover and that’s real right right here. The so named “clone” tube did much better than the name brand Raytheon. Needless to say difficult to tell simply how much this correlates with a bigger test of pipes. For the time being however, the dimensions show one step backward so my suggestion to your owner is maintain the tube that is russian offer the Raytheon.

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In all honesty. I assume this shows tube rolling might have a result, however it helps you to have an AP readily available to assess the distinction.

Meanwhile, each and every time we see “tube rolling” I think about a vehicle internal pipe rolling down a hill up to a river.

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Cheapest distortion 6SN7 type i have tested had been a CV1988.

However, there is far better options for cathode supporters- the numbers of merit are mu and transconductance, and 6SN7 is kind of center of this road there. Its merit that is main is in a position to move averagely big voltages, which can be not necessarily appropriate in this application. High gm triodes like 6DJ8/6922 will outperform a 6SN7 in this solution, but they are unfortunately not pin suitable. We suspect the 6SN7 ended up being selected for other than technical reasons.


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We’ll chime for the reason that I always comprehended “added sound” from the pipe to be one thing “ideal” for a few people. Because the sound or distortion associated with the pipe is 2nd purchase harmonics that are “pleasant sounding”

So if it’s equal added sound in each channel some may enjoy that incorporate distortion over a “cleaner” sounding tube

I am not merely one that enjoys. added sound beyond whats inherent to performance that is high therefore I would likely suggest the stock. We additionally occur to like “russian” pipes my self anyways. My point being, that I think in Tube Land included noise/distortion is not constantly a thing that is bad. The included but less varied distortion for the Raytheon can be just just just what many people want within their system,

I’d additionally advise that when your buying [and evaluation] pipes your buying 100%/100% models, when I’ve discovered subjectively tubes run alone in a triode that is dual [so an individual 6SN7] which have a variation regarding the production values for every triode often provide a less accurate stereo image consequently they aren’t as resolving often times. That 2dB SINAD reading distinction is most likely reflective of “somewhat different” production values for every single triode. Or it further reflects that production from both triodes in the pipe is not an amazing match. The stock pipes production is much more in accordance with the thing I’d wish from the pipe within my system that is own’s perhaps not positively 100% but near enough because it is just like a 99.7% match. VS one other which is around 98.4 and therefore tiny difference correlates up to a 2DB SINAD distinction that I’m certain because of it self is not audible but had been planning to amplify that single which will likely further enhance the “difference” eventually resulting in a few little small undesirable modifications

An we’ll further add that bother about most of these distinctions is generally just legitimate in hybrid systems making use of a solitary double Channel Triode pipe, and it is feasible each of mentioned is complete and utter bull schiit, since again i am no expect and all sorts of of this is solely conjecture according to my subjective experience.