Ideal Three Badoo Android Os AMA on Reddit

Ideal Three Badoo Android Os AMA on Reddit

Our personal Android team just got their first Ask myself all ( AMA), it has been fantastic! Thus we’re posting our top 3 Android os questions and answers from Dima, Erik, Guillermo, productive and Yaroslav.

For anyone whom don’t see much about people, all of our Android application is very large, with 100,000 traces of laws, more than 100 million downloads regarding the The Big G games shop and a magnificent professionals of 17 people who produce it.

Creating an AMA on Reddit was an outstanding chance of folks to enquire any techie concerns promoting android apps on a sizable level, the technical problems we all experience at Badoo, all of our yield provider work, reviews from the blogs and anything inbetween. Let’s get started!

Top 3

GreyAgency wanted to understand what was actually the craziest device-specific insect we’ve needed to manage?

Guillermo: will never note the vendor, but we certainly have a xxxSafeTextView and xxxSafeEditTextView, therefore we do not fail on setEnabled. Most people have a custom Lint check out that:)

Erik: there is this option equipment (once once again, not just naming most brands) where training courses through the service room was in fact put together into Android os structure. Whenever their support library model did not accommodate the internal 1 you might obtain a preverify problem. Good times!

High: I can’t remember fondly the correct problems, but we owned an accident that took place on limited gadgets which was involving the platform logging on these devices contributing to an IllegalArgumentException.