This Risky Tinder Experiment Is Strictly Like ‘Eye Chocolate’ IRL

This Risky Tinder Experiment Is Strictly Like ‘Eye Chocolate’ IRL

The questionable project revealed Tinder pervs on tape. Lindy is very happy.

30 days ago, a YouTube membership according to the identity The przypadkowy seks serwis randkowy darmowy Tinder research posted a worrisome videos of two people, one 31 together with more 43, satisfying up with which they believed was a 15-year-old woman from Tinder.

In classic “To Catch a Predator” design, the lady inside the vid is not in fact 15. She’s 21 IRL and planned to reveal potential pedophiles which search young girls on Tinder. Two 25-year-old guys aided the lady in her own effort, and news research unofficially called the group since Tinder Vigilantes. They controlled out of Melbourne, Australia and claim to need filmed at the very least 10 even more connections such as the any shown above.

“As Tinder people our selves, we observed an alarming quantity of unacceptable content from inside the application and wished to get a higher knowledge of the outlook of individuals taking part in may be,” The Tinder research anonymously advised TechGeek. “We believed that this specific issue elderly men meeting underage ladies was a significant any so we tackled it very first.”

Here’s how their unique tests took place.