All things are About Intercourse Except Sex,sex Is All About Energy

All things are About Intercourse Except Sex,sex Is All About Energy

Oscar Wilde? Michael Cunningham? Robert Klitzman? Robert Michels? Frank Underwood? Kevin Spacey? Apocryphal? Anonymous?

Dear Quote Investigator: While reading in regards to the precipitous downfall of an influential tastemaker that is literary powerbroker at The Paris Review we encountered again a remark related to Oscar Wilde. Listed below are three variations:

  • All things are best dating sites for petite singles about intercourse except intercourse. Intercourse is all about energy.
  • All things are about intercourse, except intercourse, which will be about energy.
  • Every thing within the globe is mostly about intercourse, except intercourse. Intercourse is approximately energy.

The Wilde ascription is oftentimes labeled apocryphal. just just What you think?

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Quote Investigator: QI has discovered no substantive proof that Oscar Wilde wrote or said this remark. It’s not placed in the valuable compendium The Wit & Wisdom of Oscar Wilde assembled by quote specialist Ralph Keyes. 1

The close match that is earliest positioned by QI starred in the Provincetown Arts journal of 1995. Writer Michael Cunningham employed the word during an interview carried out by other writer Paul Lisicky. Cunningham has become most widely known for the Pulitzer novel that is prize-winning Hours.