Matchmaking a training Muslim/Nation of Islam man.Ok before individuals gets upset

Okay before anybody becomes upset, i did not should make the bond concept long, but I know that Muslims (Sunni and Shiite) are a couple of various sects regarding the religion, and this the country of Islam was its own sect.

In any event, an innovative new guy that i have begun conversing with, is aside associated with country of Islam. I am Christian, therefore I already know we are going to involve some various outlooks on lifestyle from hop. Very last night we’d a very telling discussion about our very own horizon on dating/relationships, so females on LSA i simply want to know should you decide all had close experiences with boys which can be for this faith/culture. I’d like to simply present 3 from the red flags that moved up in my own head.

Red-flag number 1: He tells me directly, he’s sexist. The guy believes when you look at the “traditional” partnership parts for males and female, and therefore women are to follow their particular people. I inquired him literally or figuratively? And then he said figuratively, but your people has got the final proclaim when considering generating behavior. Okay initial, I am able to handle men getting traditional, but the ways the guy phrased it tripped some alarm systems in my own attention.

Red-flag #2: the guy doesn’t feel he should answer to a lady. At this stage, the conversation grabbed an interesting change. So that the circumstance had been thrown out around, when we’re in a relationship and I get your cheating, he does not become they have to explain themselves in my opinion? The guy stated, it cann’t also arrive at the period because he would simply tell me he had been seeing another person. Thus I requested your will it succeed best? He previously no answer. Oh ok.

Red-flag #3: most of their affairs came from FWB scenarios. Which is just not regular should you ask me, he states that a girl and FWB in theory are very comparable, except the guy can make themselves most available for the girlfriend features deeper thoughts on her. I guess that is correct in this way. but I’m not truly getting that. Very needless to say I asked him if he had been working with more female, the guy said yeah its several, I must’ve generated a face because then he mentioned, well i enjoy you and wish to manage spending some time with you. Like that had been meant to succeed best?

The guy stated another unusual shit, but essentially he practically recommended this example like. yeah you are one of several in my harem! ***** no!! By the end from the nights, I happened to be pretty taken from the discussion. I have never ever dated or actually addressed a Muslim/Islamic people before, very is this typical? I am aware your Islamic religion is also a culture, which the the male is the top in addition to women can be to be seen and never read, however it was things in the way he recommended his views that kinda troubled myself.

Very is this just the standard regarding boys of this belief or he’s just a conceited, chauvinistic asshole?

why could you repeat this to yourself?he stated if he’s caught cheating he doesn’t have to spell out? Also I am not sure such a thing about nation of Islam, exactly what i’m sure about Islam is that you cannot really have sex if you don’t’re partnered, so i do not know precisely why he is discussing FWB?Isn’t the guy allowed to be abstinent?

I really don’t mean to judge, but he just seems to grab whatever he wants through the country of Islam (the sexism and polygamy) that is certainly it. The guy makes use of his “conviction” to trick ladies into considering he’s a unique outlook in daily life as a result of their faith, the truth is that’s his information in which he hides they behind the country of islam thing that reinforces Local Singles dating them (should they do this, because once again i’m not sure about any of it part of Islam and the things they believe in)

Be sure to honor your self at the least if he can’t trust you.

to handle the dating thing. he’s anyone new you’re seeing. you really have no commitment to both so i see nothing wrong with your claiming there are some other females he’s seeing but he enjoys spending time with you. if you were to actually ever bring serious/exclusive. all other girls should always be take off

but seeing his view on cheating is basically there isn’t to spell out anything to you. this guy try letting you know upfront he doesn’t want to end up being devoted. religion has nothing regarding whatever he is telling you. the dude duration is not really partnership material..i say browse involving the contours (that you simply don’t have even doing because he’s telling you loud and obvious). now that you know what type of people he or she is. you don’t see your self with this specific dude.i state hell no..but its your preference