Android dating application flaw might have launched the door to phishing attacks

Scientists determine safety issues in Android os software which may feel abused with straightforward technique.

By Danny Palmer | March 14, 2019 | Subject: Security

Security vulnerabilities found into the Android form of a prominent online dating sites application could allow hackers to gain access to usernames, passwords and private facts, relating to security professionals.


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The weaknesses when you look at the Android version of the OKCupid relationship app — which the Google Gamble Store listings as creating over 10 million packages — were found by researchers at cyber security firm Checkmarx. The scientists posses formerly revealed exploits that may be abused by code hackers an additional online dating app.

The experts found that the WebView integrated web browser contained vulnerabilities that may end up being abused by assailants.

Although many website links when you look at the application will start inside customer’s web browser of choice, researchers found it was possible to replicate particular website links that open within the software.

“one of these simple kinds of hyperlinks is quite easy to imitate and an assailant with even standard abilities can do this and convince OKCupid it is a safe connect,” Erez Yalon, mind of software security data at Checkmarx advised ZDNet.

Employing this, scientists receive they can create a phony type of the OKCupid login page and, using a fake profile, utilize the software’s texting services to carry out a phishing combat that invites the targeted users to click on the back link

Users will have to submit their unique login info to see the items in the content, giving their unique credentials with the assailant. And because the inner website link does not highlight a URL, the user might have no sign that they’d signed into a phony type of the application form.

Making use of the username and password on the sufferer stolen, the attacker could login on their levels and watch all of the information on their own profile, probably actually determining users. Considering the intimate character of dating solutions, which could feature details the users wouldn’t want people.

“We could read not simply the name and password of the user and just what communications they submit, but every little thing: we are able to heed their unique geographical area, what union they’re seeking, intimate choice — whatever OKCupid is wearing your, the assailant might get for you,” mentioned Yalon.

They found it was also possible for an attacker to mix crafting phishing backlinks with API and JavaScript features that were inadvertently remaining confronted with consumers. In this way, you’ll be able to pull encoding and downgrade the connection from HTTPS to HTTP — which allowed for a man-in-the-middle assault.

In this way, the attacker could discover anything an individual was carrying out, impersonate the target, changes communications, plus monitor the geographical located area of the victim.

The protection team revealed the results to OKCupid proprietors fit team in November last year and a modify got rolled off to nearby the weaknesses shortly a while later. Yalon praised complement team for being “very responsive”.

An OKCupid spokesperson advised ZDNet: “Checkmarx alerted you of a security vulnerability from inside the Android os application, which we patched and sorted out the problem. We also examined Connecticut dating that issue don’t exist on cellular and iOS nicely,”

Checkmarx worry that no genuine customers had been abused within their particular analysis although it’s not believed the fight has been utilized in the great outdoors, Yalon stated “we cannot actually inform, because of the way it is hidden very well.”