Kevin R. Rier, MD Member: United States Urological Connection, Iowa Urological Our Society, Iowa Healthcare Culture


Board-Certified: American Panel of Urology

Residency: Urology and Operations, School of Oklahoma Fitness Sciences Heart, Oklahoma Urban Area, OK

MD: School of Iowa College Or University of Medicine, Iowa Urban Area, IA

“I decided on this niche mainly because it provides a decent blend of scientific and surgical treatments. I like to be able to definitively help those with particular urologic trouble. We particularly really enjoy looking after all of our cancer tumors clients.

“we make time to describe therapy and suggestions upfront. Apparent conversation is vital. In The Long Run, I’m Hoping to supply my favorite customers respite from his or her soreness and treat her diseases, with evidence-based medication.”

Health Manager: Mason Town Procedure Hub

Dean Haugen Cardiology Customer

I often tried to visit the ER usually with undiscovered heart disease. During my previous consult in 2004

they explained to me I probably wouldn’t create another spring. That’s if my own health care provider at Mason town center discovered my favorite mitral valve malfunction and surgically repaired they. I recently got my own annual EKG examination and my cardiologist receive no heart problems at all. This means I can put increasing our squash, musk melon and tomatoes.

Jansen Wyatt Cardiology Patient

With no warning signs, Jansen Wyatt, 54, quickly collapsed inside the property finally December. Their daughter-in-law hurried your on the ER at Palo Alto district fitness method in Emmetsburg, where they clinically diagnosed a major heart attack. Jansen would be helicoptered to Mason town’s Mercy clinic. Samuel Congello, DO, a board-certified cardiologist with Mercy’s cardio and Vascular Institute.

Janice Collins ENT & Sensitivity Person

As a young woman I found myself diagnosed with hearing loss with my suitable ear. I got several ear bacterial infections and surgeries, perhaps the biggest issue best acquired tough. It actually was obtaining hard to do simple task because I was lacking components of conversations. Experiencing products only ignited me a lot more problems. I then discovered Dr. Henry Diggelmann at Mason Town Hospital. The guy recommended BAHA (area anchored deaf-aid), which produces noises utilizing bone amplification.

Sandy Wagner Plastic Cosmetic Surgery Person

After many years as a special education teacher controlling kids with extensive handicaps and behaviour challenges, we started having restricted making use of my personal grasp thanks to extreme joint pain suffering. I ran across me battling in return splits every single day because the pain is so very bad. I could will no longer appreciate certainly one of the best passions, quilting, possibly. I found with Dr. Rene Recinos, a plastic physician from Mason urban area center and encouraged a procedure also known as arthrodesis.

Charlene Hanson Orthopaedics Patient

Retired college instructor Charlene Hanson always really like walking for the woodlands – up until the problems and swelling of joint disease obtained they away from this model. Since she experienced listened to this terrific action at religious and in the community about Mason town Clinic’s Orthopedic office and Dr. Darron Jones, she created all of them her option to replace her arthritic cool and knee.

Roger Kuck Orthopaedics Client

Roger ended up being often extremely active, just a few years in the past their stylish did start to take the time him or her. When he would retire for the night overnight the agony got quite extreme.

“i’d require lay on the floor and put the feet upon the table to ease the pain,” mentioned Roger. His or her orthopedic physician during the Mason City hospital Dr. Darron Jones stated, “I am able to provide cortisone images, but this is an outstanding of living query.

Donna Drake Surgical Treatment Customer

Donna Drake existed with an ever growing basal-cell skin cancer (the most typical skin cancer) on the lower eyelid for three a long time. A family professional at Franklin General medical center proposed Mason urban area Clinic’s plastic and reconstructive doctor, Dr. Mark Mulkey, who discovered the cancer tumors and conducted the exceedingly sensitive eyelid procedure to remove it and rebuild the woman eyelid.

Melody Wagner Podiatry Client

Melody Wagner liked going for walks until severe discomfort from bunions ceased the lady cooler. She receive a board-certified podiatrist at Mason area Clinic’s Podiatry Department. Podiatrists complete leading-edge procedure for bunions and hammertoes, in addition to higher level procedures for diabetic feet, heel soreness, ingrown toenails and far more. Melody is afraid of a painful technique and an extended restoration.

Lyle Miller Cardiology Client

One cold evening about seven years in the past, we felt a rapid problems at the back of your thigh. I was thinking I was able to vibrate it off and sought out to shovel some snow. After several hour, we went back within it and flattened. My spouse called 911 but the ambulance couldn’t be able to myself due to the compacted snow. Our friends made use of accumulated snow blowers to clear the trail and my entrance so the ambulance may get to me.

Gordon Lubbers Orthopaedics Customer

I harmed our leg as a teen and had surgical procedure. Subsequently, while I received previous, the agony came back and began impacting my schedule and as a whole happiness of lifestyle. My personal medical practitioner pertain me to Darron Jones, MD, an orthopedic physician. After an extensive examination, the guy mentioned Having been an applicant for leg replacing. I’d the process in late January 2014 and was right back some of the grapes because beginning of March.

Sheryl Borcherding Orthopaedics Client