Pupil facts and high-school transcripts of the audio. Need myPass to put Alberta senior high school transcripts of the audio and certifications, read complete Academic report (DARs) and much more.

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Find out about the 2020-21 class annum and training during COVID-19.


MyPass would be the Alberta government’s online product for college students to:

MyPass may also be used to look at and produce the official record of just who students exists with and where they online. This can be essential for some Canada sales agencies question efficient from class season 2017.

Expected know-how to join myPass


People can sign-up at his or her twelfth grade or on the internet with myPass. You encourage all kids to register in standard 10.

Mom or guardians

Father and mother or guardians can enlist at their kids’s existing school.

Other people

Students can grant myPass entry to other individuals by getting into the company’s email address contact info in myPass and specifying the connection. This will likely make an access laws. The second unique may then enter this code with their email address into myPass to enjoy the student’s information.

Sign-up document

If students is not able to sign-up at the company’s college or right with myPass, they can use myPass getting a sign-up document shipped to the tackle that is presently on data. This page offers guidance and invite those to firmly create a myPass membership.

The sign-up document includes a gain access to code logical for a month. If more than 30 days pass, people may either:

Profile connection

Moms and dads or guardians can access their child’s expertise if:

Mom or guardians can access this information until the youngsters turns 18 years old or becomes independent. Mothers or guardians are able to demand connection through the son or daughter as an official user.

Other people can only use a student’s help and advice if:

Ignored accounts

If you forget your myPass password:

In order to keep beginner know-how secured, make sure you record outside and shut the net internet browser after opening myPass, especially when using a general public or contributed technology.


The Alberta Transcript of highschool achievements provides the greatest spots and breaks grant to a student.


A student’s legitimate term, as authorized in the essential information function, was exhibited by default on transcripts, recommendations and provincial tests.

If students grew up in a territory outside Alberta, the student’s label shall be demonstrated simply because it would be registered in that territory or as registered in an official Government of Ontario report.

Anxious problems, college students are needed to incorporate promote government-issued identification when you use the official paper released by Alberta studies that includes their particular authorized term. Some examples put:

This identification should align with official documentation from Alberta degree to prevent yourself from frustration or problems.

Learn to officially alter your name in Alberta.

Suggestions order the transcript

In the event you applying to an Alberta post-secondary business, the institution can ordering transcripts on the internet for your benefit from ApplyAlberta.

You will never getting charged a charge.

Senior high school transcripts may purchased anytime online making use of myPass and taken to a destination that you pick.

Undoubtedly a $10.00 non-refundable process charge per backup.

To put level 9 records, kindly get hold of your college and/or university power.

To purchase a newbie transcript, consult MyTradesecrets.

On the internet document submitting

Beginner Reports Services

Firmly publish completed paperwork and encouraging forms because of this product.

Best PDF paperwork and impression records is uploaded.

We are going to call one by mail within 5 business days of receiving an entry.

Alberta Individual Quantity

Their ASN try allocated when you sign-up in a Kindergarten to Grade 12 educational university.

Discover their ASN

Should you came to a college or post-secondary company in Alberta, you will find your ASN on paperwork given by institutes or Alberta degree. Some examples are:

Pupils will be Middle Eastern dating apps able to see the company’s ASN within myPass.

Detailed Scholastic Research (DAR)

A DAR is definitely an unofficial history as well as intended for student just use. The Alberta Transcript of senior high school success certainly is the official history to be used by post-secondary schools and all of various other users.

Perspective their DAR making use of myPass program.

Alberta College Student Link

Alberta individual website link happens to be a self-service internet site for out-of-province colleges and government to need and down load a student’s electronic track record.

Guidelines for Alberta Scholar Connect


The following graduate reports paperwork are around for utilize if you are not in the position to connection myPass:

High school training course requirements

This listings all newest course requirements, as well as withdrawn tuition and applications ever since the 2009 to 2010 faculty yr. Training course programs are more comfortable with manage college student course enrolments and are usually listed on the Alberta executive Transcript of senior high school Achievement, in addition to the training identity.