PAY PERSONAL BANK LOAN EMI ON LINE. Citibank supplies the after Modes for Personal Loan EMI re payment

Just recognized you’ve got not as much as every day in order to make your unsecured loan EMI payment? Don’t worry! you’ll nevertheless make re payment on time through Citibank on the web or NEFT.

Main reasons to cover Personal Loan EMI

Citibank supplies the after Modes for Personal Loan EMI re payment

With Citibank personal bank loan EMI payment choice it is possible to set a standing instruction up to pay for your EMI dues.

With NEFT choice, you will get funds credited to your personal bank loan Account even though you spend by way of a non-Citibank Bank account learn more.

Citibank’s E-Pay allows you to pay your personal bank loan EMI on the web even although you don’t possess a Citibank bank account. This can usually just simply just take 2 trading days (excluding Saturdays & Sundays) to have credited to your account E-Pay now.


Your funds are transmitted from your bank account along with other bank via a center called the ACH(Automated Clearing home, earlier called as ECS). You have to offer a finalized mandate to Citibank authorizing the transfer of funds from your bank account along with other bank. The ACH mandate can here be downloaded.

E-Pay on Citibank Internet Site

Citibank’s E-Pay allows you to spend your Citibank unsecured loan EMI on the web even though you do not have a Citibank checking account. This may usually just just take 2 business days (excluding Saturdays & Sundays) to have credited to your account with respect to the time taken by the Bank to process the re re payment.

Have Citibank Account?

spend your Citibank Personal EMI making use of Citibank that is using on line. Simply Login making use of your consumer ID & Password and then click on “spend Personal loan” website website website link under Banking.

Please be aware: you are able to benefit from the convenience of viewing all your valuable Citibank records (Bank Account / bank card / Residence Loan / Personal Loan) having an internet that is single (IPIN) by deciding to connect your reports. Merely choose “connect my reports” under “other Banking services” when you Login.

NEFT re re payment to Personal Bank Loan Account

Include your Citibank personal bank loan Account quantity as a NEFT payee in your non Citibank account in three basic steps and initiate payment to savor day that is same of funds. 1

While performing a payee addition, please use the following details

Payee Name : Name because it seems on the Personal Loan Account quantity

Payee Account Number : Valid Citibank Personal Bank Loan Account Quantity

Bank Name : Citibank N.A

Re Re Payment Account Type : Choose Any Account Type

IFSC Code 2 : CITI0000003 (Customers surviving in any City can start a repayment making use of CHENNAI IFSC code)

Branch Address : CHENNAI (Customers surviving in any City can initiate a repayment making use of CHENNAI as branch target)

1. Merely initiate your funds transfer before 05:30 P.M on weekdays and saturdays that are working exact same time credit to your unsecured loan Account quantity. (All Saturdays except 2nd and 4th of each calendar month will work Saturdays). Funds transfer request made on non-working times are certain to get executed regarding the following day time. Citibank just isn’t in charge of any charges/commission of any sort levied/charged because of the Originating Bank. The real time taken to credit the account varies according to enough time taken by the bank to process the payment.

2. To start a NEFT re payment, you can make use of any IFSC code that is valid of. Within the Payee details given above, we now have utilized Chennai IFSC rule which is often employed by clients surviving in any City.

Citibanking Account

If you’re trying to create your Citibank personal bank loan repayment from your own Citibanking / Suvidha Account, you must Login to Citibank on line together with your IPIN and work out your Loan repayment.

Your money are going to be debited while the re payment towards the Loan Account will soon be used in 1 day that is working.

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Often Asked questions regarding ‘NEFT re Payment to bank card’

Benefits of NEFT over Cheque

1) exact Same time credit of funds vs Atleast 3-4 times for credit of funds

2) 3 easy steps vs tiresome procedure

3) Through the comfort of house vs journey to a fall field

Yes, on effectively finishing the Funds Transfer you will get a guide quantity for the deal.

You can call your bank and the same will be provided to you if you have not noted the same at the time of the transaction.

You’ll want to quote this Original Transaction Reference quantity during the right time of logging in your issue, if any.

Your Funds Transfer may be rejected when you have entered an invalid Card quantity (or) for those who have entered an invalid IFSC Code. The funds will be remitted back to the originating bank within one working day in the event of rejection. To test the status regarding the credit to your account, please speak to your Bank.

Take note this facility is certainly not enabled for Citibank World cash Card and Diners Club NRI Card. Additionally customers that are non resident hold Overseas bank card with Citibank Asia must not make use of this center and may guarantee re payments are produced only from their NRE/NRO account.