How Exactly To Verify That Some Body Had Been A Navy SEAL

Ever since the raid on UBL’s ingredient, there is an epidemic of guys claiming these were Navy SEALs, whenever in reality they aren’t.

It’s gotten so incredibly bad that some estimates place it at 1,000 SEALs that are phony every 1 genuine SEAL.

The mathematics calculates similar to this:

2,450 Active Duty SEALs X 1,000 / SEAL = 2,450,000 Navy that is phony SEALs

You’re chances of meeting a life that is realliving) Navy SEAL are about 1 in 3 million.

Not so odds that are good will it be?

How precisely would you verify if somebody had been a Navy SEAL?

Listed below are 11 actions / questions the answer that is right.

Note: the writer of the post ended up being never a Navy SEAL, and doesn’t claim to be. We merely posted this short article when you look at the hopes of stymieing a rise of bogus Navy SEAL claims.

Every thing below had been completely investigated and checked for precision.

1. Contact Don Shipley

If you’re trying to learn 100% if somebody had been a SEAL , Don Shipley can be your man.

Don Shipley is really a retired Navy SEAL with usage of the SEAL database.

A previous SEAL himself, Shipley utilized a Youtube channel called “Phony Navy SEAL for the Week”.

every week he (and quite often their spouse Diane) call up Navy that is phony SEALs confront them about their claims.

Regrettably, Shipleys Youtube channel had been ended in February of 2019.

In accordance with Youtube, it had been terminated “due to numerous or serious violations of Youtube’s policy prohibiting content built to bully harass or threaten”.

It’s this that the truth is if you attempt and see Don Shipleys former Youtube Channel.

But, in 2017 Shipley actually moved away from youtube to their website,

It’s a compensated account website that costs just ten dollars a thirty days, and certainly will offer you use of every one of their “phony seal for the week” videos, among numerous others.

Account to their website also contains free and SEAL that is unlimited verification.

Don Shipley is certainly certainly one of only a number of SEALs that have actually usage of the SEAL database, which will be a list of each Navy SEAL and UDT since their inception.

The database contains info on:

  • just What course
  • The date that is exact course finished
  • What SEAL Team the guy went along to
  • Along with other info

If somebody claims to be always a SEAL, they can quickly confirm with 100% precision set up claims are real.

If you don’t wish to fork within the ten dollars every month to register, but still desire to superior site for international students discover if some body had been a SEAL, Shipley also provides an one-time charge for SEAL verification.

It costs just $20, and he will additionally issue you a verification page that states set up individual was ever a SEAL.

2. “Have You Ever Shot The Draeger?”

Certainly one of Shipleys favorite lines when he’s questioning the clowns claiming become SEALs is: “Have you ever shot a Draeger?”

Many phonies may have no basic concept what he’s dealing with, assume he means a gun.

Well, a Draeger just isn’t a tool.

It’s a dive rig that ALL SEALs use as an element of their dive training, because well as real-world operations.

Lar V Draeger rebreather just isn’t a gun. Image:

A fast and effortless solution to trip up a possible fake navy SEAL would be to ask him :

“What had been it like shooting the Draeger?”

“Is a Draeger a semi-auto or fully-auto gun?”

to this impact.

If he claims such a thing apart from it being a plunge rig, you understand he’s an impostor.

3. Where Regarding The BUD/S Compound Is The Bell?

In BUD/S, there was a bell.

It’s not only any old bell, either.

It’s a bell that crushes dreams, echoes for the BUD/S substance, and endlessly haunts pupils.

Each time a pupil DOR’s, he’s instructed to ring the bell three times their helmet into the type of quitters.

In the event that you’ve ever gone to BUD/S, guess what happens the bell is.

Nonetheless, understands where in fact the bell is.

One method to journey up A seal that is potential impostor to ask him where in the BUD/S element is the bell.

I’ve seen Shipley usage would be to ask the phony him to the bell from the front entrance of the BUD/S compound if he could guide.


It is pretty easy. From the leading doorways of this Phil H. Bucklew center, you are going through 2 sets of cup doorways to your BUD/S grinder.

Instantly walking in the grinder, you create the right see the bell right as you’re watching first period office.

As a curiosity-like question if you were to question a potentially fake Navy SEAL, you could simply pose it.

“Did you ever think of ringing the bell? Where could be the bell during the BUD/S training center anyhow?”


Day one other thing to note is that occasionally the instructors will bring the bell with the class throughout their training.

4. What Exactly Is The Title Associated With The BUD/S Training Compound In Coronado?

It is somewhat pertaining to the relevant question above.

Many SEALs that are phony also have a notable idea of what the title for the SEAL Training center is also called.

The Naval Special Warfare Center, the Phil H. Bucklew center following the “father of United States Naval Special Warfare”.

In the event that man claiming to be a SEAL does not understand the name for the center, and on occasion even whom Bucklew had been, he’s likely NOT a SEAL.

5. What’s The Initial Obstacle On The O-Course?

So that the barrier program, or O-course, is really a 20 barrier program phase that is first need to finish in 12 moments or less.

Aerial view of BUD/S O-course. Image: Google World

It’s this kind of treacherous course that even active-duty SEALs often utilize it included in their implementation workups.

Anybody, and I also mean ANYBODY, that’s been through the O-course as much times as being a trainee has will understand the true names of any barrier regarding the program.